Silas Sellers Rock






Sydney McCain, ten years old and seated soundly on a carpeted floor, had a pleasantly empty mind. She held two markers in one chubby fist, dragging them across her notebook. She stopped only to flick her 3d goggles down onto her face and see if they were working yet. She had pulled them out of rental movie box, and in her feckless ambition she had crumpled the bridge of the nose. They didn’t sit quite right on her face. A ways back was McCain senior, a woman of considerable years with the world weary eyes of single mother on a mission. Currently her mission was to iron Sydney’s yellow dress. This was made difficult by her shaky hands, an unfortunate result of her medication. Nancy McCain was a good mom by almost all accounts. She worked two jobs and did all she could to push her child to be her best self. For only ten Sydney was exceptionally bright, but simultaneously unmotivated. She found her Catholic school not nearly stimulating enough. Read More







Party for 2 (2017)

Two thin knuckles rap against an old wooden door with a sharp clicking noise. Two knocks. It is eight fifteen exactly, and Gary Stein was apprehensive. It had been a very, very long time since he had seen his old friend, and he did not know what to expect. They had gone to school together once, a very long time ago. Benson was always a strange and capricious soul, subject to sudden fits of inspiration or madness. After Benson had dropped out he had completely lost touch with the man. It was as if he didn’t want to be found. It was quite sad, really, as they had been the best of friends. Gary had many a fond memory of he and Benson. On Friday nights they could be found in their dorm, making up for their work in a habitual late night crawl. The TV glow would show some comedy or another, and they would gorge themselves on snacks and write their hearts out through the night. However, all that changed when Bensons previously studious demeanor began to change. He began to fall into an obsession; he was endlessly fixated on this… Project. He refused to ever tell his friend what it was. That’s what really got to him, that his own best friend would hide it from him like that. Benson would constantly sneak off to work on it alone, stranding his friend alone in his room on many a Friday night to quietly drink himself to sleep with no company at all. The whole situation exploded on a fateful day when the two screamed at each other in a spiteful fit of emotion, having them both file for a room change. They never saw one another since. Gary often wondered what path his former friend had taken with his life, but never had the heart to contact him. Read More

The Ends and the Means. (2015)


The Ends and the Means

Nowadays, there aren't many records of the past. Some say there was a war. Others disagree. However, archeological digs have found ancient human remains. Whether these bones were faked -- made in some assholes science lab, no doubt -- is currently up to speculation. They still say the chances of any remaining human life are slim at best. So, more or less, I had no way to prove my grandfather sane. When I was a teenager, he would always tell me stories about the war. I’ll admit I questioned how many marbles he had left -- but I was still transitioning to adulthood and my thinking was clouded. I had no time for stories. I was busy chatting up girls, sleeping, listening to the top 40 and discovering myself. If I’d only paid more attention back then the old timer might still be here. But anyway, if it’s a story you want, it’s a story you’ll get. Read More